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billing system

Interactive Telecom's are partnered with large international carriers.  We have many direct contracts with carriers including many in the UK, Europe, South America and Asia.

Long established relationships enable us to arrange number ranges and rates to be added to many large carriers rate cards.

If you have traffic in a specific location, we can actively search the carriers in that country to access that market ensuring the highest possible payout's.

If you have high volume voice traffic we can provide international or domestic rate revenue share numbers from hundreds of international locations. We can terminate traffic for you on our own servers to suite your needs or we can forward to a traditional PSTN network or forward to your own VOIP server.

High revenues and multi currency payout

Our standard rate card is highly competitive because of our close carrier relationships, but for higher volumes of traffic it maybe possible to offer an even more attractive rate.  We offer payments via bank wire and paypal for small payout's.  Wire transfers are sent in GB Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, Hungarian forint and South African Rand's.


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